What Clients Are Saying

It was an amazing reading indeed. I actually did get that “ ah hu” moment. And I could finally move and get that peace I’ve been needing. Thank you so so so much. It was really really helpful

Simphiwe Mokgabudi

Clear, concise, and gave the answer I needed with my question. Took the time to analyze what the card's meaning meant in my particular circumstance and was the objective reading I needed. So thankful for this reading, thank you.

Lauren Elise

Crystal’s reading was fantastic, not only did she pronounce my name right (which never happens, so I get a little overexcited about that), but the video itself was very personal. The reading gave me hope in a time when that’s hard to come by, so I’m truly thankful for that. I hope to work with her again in the future! Thank you, Crystal!!

Cara Sheridan

She is one of the kindest persons I have ever met! She explained the reading so well and I can say that I discovered a lot of new things thanks to her! Definitely recommend her! She will tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you want!


Beautiful energy. Thank you for your time♥️ 10/10 recommended


Such a beautiful reading! Crystal has a calm and approachable energy and you can tell she takes the time to connect with you and your question. My reading was crazy accurate and her advice was exactly what i needed to hear. She really helped clarify things for me and figure out my next steps ❤️

Petra Hailu

Crystal was spot on and was able to shine light on a few things going on. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Vernesa M


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