Loving Yourself Isn’t Easy

Updated: Jun 11

With time and age comes wisdom and self love

It took me until my mid to late thirties to really love myself for who I am. Some might gawk at this but hey, all good things come with time. A big part of it I have found is that I just don’t care what other people think as much. The outside noise has died down and I can see clearly. I can see what’s in front of the mirror in is most raw and beautiful form, me! Check out my video where I dive deep into this topic and how I have grown to really love myself. I can also say getting older is amazing, because your are stronger and have started to tap into that inner strength, YOUR soul, YOUR voice…. THE TRUE YOU! I hope this helps you dig deeper and find that inner strength.

If you need a little help, CLICK HERE to download the I Am Worthy of Love and Joy affirmation worksheet to help you get there, and don’t forget to watch the video!

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