How To Create a Vision or Mood Board in Canva

Updated: Jun 11

Make your New Year's Goals, Inspiration and Manifestations come to life easily at your fingertips!

We are two weeks into the New Year and many of us are working on our goals and resolutions. To make sure your goals and resolutions stick you need a strong road map and vision. Vision and mood boards are great for this! The only problem is that they can be time consuming, or you can't find all the pieces or tools you need. Why not create your mood board digitally with Canva? The added bonus is you can access your vision or mood board at any time, any where digitally on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Watch the video below to see how I created my own vision/mood board. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see my finished product.

My vision/goals for 2020 are all summed up nicely in this vision/mood board. Below are my New Year's resolutions. Five of the six show up on my vision/mood board.

  • Take my YouTube channel more seriously and be more consistent with posting. I really want to create a community. Share

  • Working on creating a journal/book for community members to help them live their best life. Create

  • Create a morning routine that is purposeful and consistent (up at 6:00, 30 min workout, tarot/meditate). Grow

  • Read at night with a goal of one book a month. Grow

  • Take sewing classes and become my own seamstress. Grow

  • Lose 15 lbs - Work out 3 times a week

I love how Canva was easy to use and made my goals become an actual vision I can reference and make come to life!

Have you created a vision or mood board for 2020 yet? What are some of the tools and platforms you used?

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