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Crystal is a dreamer, doer, entrepreneuress and expert adviser to all those looking for an assist in life.

After moving to NY to pursue fashion (working as a fashion stylist and blogger) she found herself doing something completely different than planned, her goals and life changed with a move back into advertising. She asked herself, "what do I want to do, why am I here, how can I really enjoy where I"m at in life?" It all kept coming back to doing something she loved,  exploring, learning, focusing on one thing , and doing it well... She wanted to live her best life possible!

Crystal created How To Live, a YouTube lifestyle and self-help channel as a tool to help find answers to her questions and inspire others at the same time. The channel has now blossomed into a brand offering resources and tools to help viewers live their best life with a focus on tarot, mindfulness, and intuition. 


We all go through changes in life, and sometimes you start to wonder how you should be living your life and what it looks like. Crystal's mission is to inspire others by sharing how she lives her best life, with all the ups and downs that come her way. Think of Crystal as the friend who helps you get through, inspires and gives you the advice you need.


Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience.

Jon Kabat-Zinn


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